Resize your watch bands, Step By Step

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* Know the facts of your watch band

The link watch bands are connected by many pins.

STEP 1: Know the direction of pushing out the pin

The direction the arrow is pointing is the direction the pin should be pushed out

* Please follow the direction, otherwise the will not be pushed out, and the adjustment tool may also be damaged

STEP 2: Screw and push out the pin

Follow the direction of the arrow points
Screw the adjuster and push out the pin

STEP 3: Pull out the pins

Then the desired length of links together

STEP 4: Know the pins

There are two sides of the pin

Important to note

When we put the pin back in to reconnect the links of the band, The U-shaped end goes in first.

STEP 5: Insert the pins back into the hole, reconnect the band

* The U-shaped side of the pin goes in first.

Last Step: Press/Hammer/Screw back the pins, we upgrade the tool for easier adjustment
STEP 6: Place The cap on needle tool to return pins to their place in the band.

Put The Cap over the needle

STEP 7: Align The Cap with the pin, screw and push the pin back